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 User Description: Apple's sixth generation of the iPod nano is actually the primary full rethinking the product has had since its debut in 2005. The earlier kind factor -- slim and gentle with a decently sized show and clickwheel -- has been all but abandoned. The new design is a complete departure; a full touchscreen device that brings to mind something more like a big, living postage stamp than a portable music participant. Along with the radical hardware redesign, Apple has infused the media player with a brand new working system as effectively -- an interface that looks and performs more like iOS than iPod. We've spent the previous week or so knocking the nano round to see if it is worth your onerous-earned dollars, and we've received the answers inside -- so read on for our full review. Size-sensible, the iPod nano has by no means been smaller. The brand new hardware is barely wider than the earlier nano, however this time it is a tiny square, with a miniature, 1.54-inch 240 x 240 capacitive multitouch LCD display. Round back is a constructed-in clip, and the entire affair is encased in the identical type of anodized, colored aluminum you have come to expect from an iPod nano. In case you are questioning, this specific model might be had in seven totally different colours -- which weirdly makes us suppose that Apple believes someone out there'll get one for each day of the week. Although the earlier technology machine sported a video digicam, that is been ditched in the new model together with the physical controls. Anyone who's spent numerous time on the go with the nano will in all probability be completely happy about these modifications -- the clickwheel could be a bit exhausting to navigate with accuracy, say, when jogging. Aside from that, the brand new nano is considerably lighter than the previous mannequin, weighing in at roughly 21 grams, whereas the older model clocked in at about 36g. In actual fact, it's so gentle that when utilizing the clip to attach it to a shirt (or in our case, the strap of a bag), you barely discover it hanging there at all. The nano boasts just three hardware buttons -- one bigger button on the highest proper for energy / sleep, and two smaller, circular ones on the top left for quantity controls, another change we admire. In the previous nano, so as to adjust the volume you had to unlock the system then navigate with the wheel. Now with precise hardware buttons, you'll be able to flip the volume up or down without ever actually trying at the participant. It's a minor but welcome enchancment. If these buttons are a byproduct of Steve Jobs hating buttons, we prefer it. Whereas that display screen is small, it's not arduous to get round in, and the touch response appeared about as tight as it's on the brand new touch or iPhone. Multitouch rotation labored simply wonderful, and usually use, shifting from place to put with the new nano was considerably sooner than on earlier fashions. Total, we expect the design is an enormous step ahead for this line of gamers. Eschewing the staid clickwheel for a simple touchscreen interface is a big plus in our book, and the excessive-end feel to the materials and construct high quality makes this seem proper at house next to one thing like the brand new iPhone. After all, at this size, you're far more likely to lose this thing -- and the value tag will make that sting a bit more than for those who misplaced a shuffle. The iPod nano's strongest swimsuit has all the time been its simplicity of purpose, and that's by no means been extra evident than in this newest device. If there was ever confusion for patrons about whether or not to get a nano or something more full-featured, such as the contact -- that argument is useless. Apple's ditched the video digicam and the ability to play again video right here, along with plenty of other "additional" stuff (contacts, calendars, notes, games). With the new nano, you'll be able to hearken to audio and look at images -- and that's it. The new interface is way more intuitive than the classic iPod interface, in our estimation. Although you could have simply as many playback and sorting choices as before, the multitouch, iOS-ness of the expertise strips away the feeling of endlessly scrolling through menus (typically without context) to get to what you're on the lookout for. The new UI seems to be and acts similar to iOS, but in keeping with Apple the nano is not actually operating a build of iOS. We all know that earlier iPod UIs have been constructed utilizing a handful of elements from OS X, so it is protected to assume that this new interface is made up of a hodgepodge of tried and tested frameworks. The results are great -- the nano appears like iOS in all of the ways in which matter (a lot in order that we mistakenly call it a "phone" within the video below), together with inertial scrolling, the power to rearrange your homescreens, and normal navigation all through the machine. Getting around the UI is comparable, though not actual, to iOS. To navigate you flip by way of a few pages of iPhone-style icons. It's like a micro Springboard. You possibly can hold down on an icon to put it into "jiggly mode," and then transfer the icons as you'll in iOS. When you are utilizing one of many functions of the system, you may lengthy press on the middle of the display screen to return to your homescreen; swiping to the best when you're listening to music or viewing photos will take you again through your previous screens until you land on residence. Lists are scrollable and multi-tiered similar to in iOS. There may be the occasional hidden dialog in some places that we found odd, like the place Apple placed the "add" and "edit" buttons for playlists -- they're unexposed at the top of your playlist screen, and require a scroll up to discover. Lengthy lists of songs, artists and albums are still current here, but the new interface has streamlined a variety of actions in a way that makes the nano feel much neater than earlier models. Devoted icons for podcasts, the FM radio (a function we're glad was held over from the final generation), voice recorder (so long as you have acquired earbuds with a mic plugged in), and the fitness features make attending to what you should easy even when you're not absolutely paying attention -- which is a superb advantage of graphic, reasonably than text-primarily based, menus. There are also tasteful little tweaks too, like being able to set the default lock display screen of the nano to an analog clock. We're sure there will likely be a slew of aftermarket armbands for this -- and honestly, it does make sort of a cool wanting watch. Oh, and you can use multitouch to rotate the screen to no matter orientation you want, but there's no multitouch in the photographs utility. You can double faucet to zoom in, nonetheless. Sound quality appears to have improved a bit during the last technology, as well -- although we can't be scientifically positive, it sounds to us like Apple's made some iterative enhancements here. Bass felt full and deep, and highs have been much less slicing than on most gamers we have used, though the Zune and Walkman sound high quality are tough to beat on this category. Nonetheless, for a participant of this dimension and worth level, the nano performs excellently. Ultimately, if you've had the identical iPod nano for the past few years, this new gadget will probably make you feel such as you want a replacement. Whereas there isn't slew of recent additions (the truth is, there are notable subtractions), the re-assume about what the nano is imagined to be feels right to us. It is nonetheless not exactly your cheapest possibility if you're looking for pure MP3 playback, however one thing tells us that if you're trying at the nano, you're residing in Apple's ecosystem, and that makes this a fairly attractive alternative. We in the end would like to see the capacities on these guys grow a bit, and people costs drop, but there is not any sticker shock here. The new nano is a wise, quick, succesful player that ought to please lots of people looking for one thing new this vacation season. All products advisable by Engadget are selected by our editorial workforce, unbiased of our mother or father company. A few of our tales embody affiliate hyperlinks. If you buy one thing via one of these links, we might earn an affiliate fee. If you have any questions with regards to where and how to use http://idea.informer.com/users/altomother03/?what=personal, you can speak to us at our own webpage.

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