Kelvin Water Tech

 Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

 Address: Plot No. 81, Sector 05, IMT Manesar, Manesar

 Tel.: 09812646262

 Tel.: 09812646262


 User Description: Kelvin Water Technologies provide Waste Water Treatment Plant. Wastewater treatment plant is in high demand in those industries which are in need of clean water. They are used to work with wastewater i.e., water which cannot be again put to use or is not required again. They can be again released into nature by converting them into bilge water. A waste water treatment plant helps in showering, washing, utilizing the container and spilling over of the water. Waste water is full of various kinds of contaminants like microscopic organisms, chemicals and poisons. A treatment plant helps in reducing the effect of these contaminants and makes the water suitable for releasing into nature.

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