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 User Description: visit the up coming internet siteThe third quantity of his story grew to become available this month at, the end result of the telling of his story. Visited Moorea and Bora Bora, and then sailed the 1,four hundred nautical miles (2,600 km; 1,600 mi) journey to Vava Ľu, Tonga in 12 days, where she arrived eight July. In August 2009, Dekker announced her plan for a two-yr solo sailing voyage around the globe in the Dutch nationwide newspaper, Algemeen Dagblad. Dekker planned to sail a seagoing 38 ft Jeanneau Gin Fizz ketch, also named Guppy.Early Sunday morning, she set out across the Channel, but weak winds delayed her arrival until Monday morning. Docking in Lowestoft, she e-mailed word of her success from a neighborhood library. Local authorities requested her father to come and accompany her on her return voyage. Her father responded that she may sail back on her own. Local authorities as a substitute placed her in a kids's home till he got here to retrieve her.The boat was geared up for lengthy-distance sailing and tailored for solo-circumnavigation. The deliberate route started from Portugal westwards, to cruise the Caribbean and then to undergo Panama and previous Indonesia. She then deliberate either to go past Somalia to the Mediterranean, or around Africa, should piracy become a critical concern. The original plan referred to as for Dekker to be met at some locations by household, which also would help her along troublesome spots such as the Panama Canal.Dekker spent the next eight weeks preparing Guppy for that journey. On the night of Friday, 1 May, initially of a 12-day college vacation, she sailed away from Maurik without specifying a destination to her father. She sailed to the coast and arrived in Maassluis Saturday afternoon.With a strong wind this time, as much as drive 7, the return trip was much quicker, reaching Rotterdam by the morning of the 12th and arriving home that evening. Flightfox created a visit, "Around the World in 80 Hours", to see if flight consultants could discover flights following the identical path as described in the e-book .In actuality, for price causes, folks from home met her only two occasions, although she was given some assistance by other leisure sailors she met, for example by way of the Panama Canal. The plan mentioned she would not be crusing for greater than three weeks between stops. However, after Australia, she decided to skip some stops, which meant finishing two 6- to 7-week-lengthy legs.

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