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 User Description: Carolyn GibbsIt’s true - Who wants a president that can’t put a sentence together. You know he’s having mental issues and yet nobody wants to admit it on the Democratic side which makes them just that much more untrustworthy. This man should be in a home with someone taking care of him - not on the end Biden has done nothing in his 50 years in public service. Great sound bites but nothing accomplished. Rather have a President who has accomplished more in 3.5 years than a do nothing politician!Can't wait till all this crap is over with I wish I was back in school instead my teachers had the best legs ever what a great distraction they were to everything elseMaryanne Fern WisniewskiBiden has done NOTHING so he has Nothing to talk about or a plan to do anything . Same old Same old . This was the swamp we voted to DRAINDon't get cocky! We want Trump to win but don't be fooled. I've yet to have a Republican Party rep knock on my door. I've had several Democrats knock. They are working the colleges, the streets, on top of ads. Volunteer, make calls, knock on doors, whatever....but don't just sit back like it's in the bag. Sanders is more like a cheerleader talking up her favorite player - 'cheerleader' types can't be used for serious political comment - it's so stupidBelieve it Sarah, they are excited about getting rid of Trump and his enablers and far, far less complacent than they were in 2016. I settle for motivation over excitement.At least he shows his face rather than hiding in his basement all the time.. were all waiting to see which excuses he uses to bail out if the Democrats seem to be repeating the 2016 election cycle. They see Biden leading in the polls and assume, just like Hillary Clinton, that Biden is guaranteed to win.Has any of the small business's ( S corp) that waited until July to file their Federal tax's hearing from the IRS about oweing penalties for filing late or is it a scam. Have heard from friends with small Co.s who do not use accountants to do tax's are getting letters saying they owe penalties. Is it a scam, gov. said tax's could be filed in July!!!!We are excited about the opportunity to kick Trump and his corrupt minions to the curb. I would crawl over broken glass to vote for a dead skunk if it meant we could get rid of Trump.Build Back Better?????? The things that need Rebuilt are the cities burned in Democrat cities Make the BLM rebuild those cities.Soo only way Biden wins in fraud. HILARY as hated as she is got 3 million more votes than trump and the only prosecuted voter fraud was against a republican. Dont be soo confidentI can't wait to vote Trump 2020! I know the stakes are HUGE!knocks a million doors a week , wow that seems responsibly given the off the scale out of control pandemic thats currently ravaging the USThe difference this time is that Democrats are not led by a notoriously unlikable shady sort named Hillary Clinton...people who are not rabidly trump won't be as put off by a seemingly harmless character like Biden and the prospect of sending the GOP out of halls of powerJoe is too weak to be America president at the present era when dictators in emerging powers wants to rule forever in other to take over the leadership of the world- we need unpredictable persons like Trump to keep the dictators at check.

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